Battle Splash Early Access goes Live!

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Battle Splash Early Access goes Live!

December 12, 2017 ,,,,Comments Off on Battle Splash Early Access goes Live!

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Hi everyone,

Sorry for the long wait. Due to my health problems, the game couldn’t be released on Dec 6th as planned. Instead, the game is released today!

Steam Store Page:

Aside from addressing many problems in the beta, the game introduces an entire new mechanic called “Weapon module”: user can change the behaviour of the gun in realtime.

The game also introduces a new set of weapons along with the Weapon Module, which heavily focus on Splash Damage rather than anything else. This is a “high risk high return” option for everyone who want even more challenge.

Battle Splash Dedicated servers are also up and running for testing this time with the hope of improving gameplay for everyone online. It’s still a development feature, thus requires more testing before it’s ready to be published as community servers. Feel free to test it, bug report it, and tell me what you think about it.

From this Early Access, any 32bit OS support will be discontinued. I’m so sorry for this change, yet since the game is extending, the 32bit version will cause many trouble for maintaining the game. Thus, please check the Minimum System Requirement for the Early Access version.

The macOS version is currently not supported at the moment.

Thank you very much for the support! Happy Splashing Everyone! 

Battle Splash’s creator:
Hung Mai

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