Battle Splash Final Beta Update (v1.672)

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Battle Splash Final Beta Update (v1.672)

November 23, 2017 ,,,,,Comments Off on Battle Splash Final Beta Update (v1.672)

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Hello everyone!

I’m happy to announce that the next Update for the game is here that further improves player’s experiences as well as graphics!

The update features a new Networking system that deals with various connection problems and also helps finding low latency hosts (by the distance filter). In addition, it also remixed some AI behaviors that widened the range of difficulty: while Hard and Expert really push players beyond any limits, Weak and Regular should be easier to deal with (but it does not mean it will miss if it sees you standing for too long). The game also came with many graphics options, along with bug fixes and other improvements.

This Update is also the Last Beta Update, and will only be available until November 29th 2017. The game will then be closed, and moved to a different store page (which will be announce later), with all of its content and newest features. It’s still an Early Access title, which means there will be a lot of new things coming, including upgrades, improvements, changes and bug fixes.

As Creator of Battle Splash, I’d like to express my greatest gratitude toward everyone participated in this Open Beta Test! Thank you very much for your supports!

Happy Splashing! 

Battle Splash’s Creator:
Hung Mai

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